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What is StarSaver™

Banking Association2018-11-12T12:17:47+02:00

The Banking Association South Africa is a not-for-profit industry body representing both local and foreign banks registered and operating in South Africa. Current membership of the Association stands at 34 member banks. The Association is the voice of the South African banking industry and its broad role is to create and maintain the best possible platform on which banks can do progressive, competitive, profitable, responsible and sustainable banking. The Banking Association South Africa is a founding partner and custodian of StarSaver™, it coordinates and manages the roll-out of the programme across the country and also interfaces with the SADC Banking Association which has endorsed StarSaver™ as its regional financial programme.

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As part of its commitment to financial literacy the Bank Association South Africa adopted a programme called, Teach Children to Save South Africa (TCTS SA™)in 2008. The main objective of the programme was to establish a culture of saving in children and to foster volunteerism in the banking industry and broader financial sector. While the Banking Association South Africa are custodians and administrators of StarSaver™, the programme belongs to all stakeholders.
The following organisations are the founding partners of StarSaver™:

  1. The Banking Association South Africa
  2. The South African Savings Institute (SASI)
  3. Citi, Operation HOPE and American Bankers Association Education Foundation (ABAEF)

Since inception in 2008, the programme has reached almost 1 million learners, and many more through programme integration, in over 3000 schools nationwide. 21 banks and 43 financial institutions participate in the StarSaver™ programme aligned to Mandela Day, where volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals become “teachers-for-67minutes”. StarSaver™ is an advocate of Mandela Day, is Proudly South African accredited, is endorsed by the SADC Banking Association and aligns with the ethos of ubuntu, volunteerism, dignity and nation-building.

The 3 basic tenets of TCTS SA™

  1. Spirit of Ubuntu and Volunteerism;
  2. “Proudly South African” ethos and
  3. Nation-building

StarSaver™ Programme Ambassadors : The Programme Ambassador is the main face of the programme promoting the ethos and values of inculcating a culture of saving in children and promoting volunteerism. The celebrity status of the Programme Ambassador is utilised to amplify the campaign message. The celebrities, ProVerb, Mpumi Mbethe and Sibusiso Vilane, serve as programme ambassadors.

  1. In January 2015 the programme managers took the decision to re-brand the programme for two main reasons-
  2. Our target audience was shifted from the grade 4 – 7 sector, replaced by the grade 7 – 9 sector. This is to bring it in line with the Economic Management programmes of the Department of Basic Education.
  3. To modernise the brand and put the learner at the centre of our message, making them a Star – a StarSaver™.
What we do2018-10-24T11:45:46+02:00

The fundamental principle behind the programme is that Financial literacy, the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters is a skill that can be learnt. The programme objectives are to teach children to save and to promote volunteerism in the financial sector. Starsaver™ covers the basic concepts of saving:

•    reasons to save, budgeting to save,
•    understanding the difference between needs and wants
•    and where to save.
•    create awareness about the value of money and the importance of savings
•    promote financial literacy; and
•    assist learners to appreciate the power of choice.

In July 2009, the Islamic Finance chapter of Teach Children to Save South Africa™ was piloted, and it has been rolled out annually since then.

How we do it2018-11-12T12:15:23+02:00

Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals offer one hour of their time to deliver a powerful savings lesson, engaging the learners to participate. Their main focus is to inspire learners to be lifelong savers. The volunteers use their own work-based knowledge and skills to enhance the delivery of the savings lesson.
Financial literacy is the core platform for financial inclusion, however to have a holistic intervention, StarSaver™ integrates with social inclusion initiatives and other employee volunteerism initiatives.
Programme facts:

•    Focused nationally, targeting Grades 7 to 9 as per curriculum review, since 2013. Previously it targeted Grades 4 to 7.
•    The lesson plan of StarSaver™ was developed in conjunction with the Department of Basic Education, and integrated within the Economic Management Science (EMS) subject of the school curriculum.
•    From 2008 to 2014 the programme has reached over 1 million in over 3,000 schools nationwide.

Lessons are designed to teach children how to:

•    create and understand budgets;
•    differentiate between needs and wants;
•    track daily expenses;
•    set realistic goals and plan accordingly;
•    learn how to make saving money part of their lives;
•    get tips on safe and secure banking,
•    learn about financial dignity,
•    appreciate Entrepreneurship


•    21 banks and 43 financial institutions.
•    Department of Basic Education.
•    SADC Banking Association endorsed Teach Children to Save as a regional generic financial literacy programme in October 2009.
•    Aflatoun, Child and Youth Finance International, KZN Financial Literacy Association, Mpumalanga Department of Education, North West Department of Education

Volunteer registration and Toolkit

Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals offer 67 minutes of their time to deliver a powerful savings lesson, engaging the learners to participate.


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