Phew!!!! Your word is…… Shhh shhh…you cannot assist the competitor. There are prizes galore for the winners. You can either be a Speller Bee or a Worker Bee. FinLit Spelling Bee is an accessory project of the StarSaver™ programme of The Banking Association South Africa.

Welcome to the spell zone – the FinLit Spelling Bee. Spelling can be fun and easy if you join the 1st ever spelling bee competition focusing on financial literacy. Our primary target group is EMS learners in grades 7 to 9. The FinLit Spelling Bee augments the Department of Basic Education’s Spelling Bee for grades 4 to 6 introduced in 2014.

Spellers kindle interest in financial literacy, an aspect of the Economic Management Science (EMS) school subject. Finance touches our everyday lives. Spelling forms the basis for language development. So speller bee let us get cracking!Tips to be a Spelling Guru follow.

25 TIPS for Star Spellers

  1. Think in English
  2. Read a lot
  3. Practise
  4. See it, Hear it, Say it
  5. Trace, copy and recall
  6. Pronounce the words correctly
  7. Visualise the words
  8. Write frequently
  9. Memorise spelling patterns through exposure to different texts such as newspapers, novels, blogs, billboards, flashcards etc.
  10. Familiarise with root words (a root is a word or word part from which words grow). Do not confuse prefixes and suffixes.
  11. QU rule – the letter ‘q’ is always followed by a ‘u’
  12. Know the spelling rules and the exceptions
  13. Highlight the hard parts or say the hard part loudly
  14. Reverse chain by syllable or letter – say the word, write it and say each letter (be enthusiastic and expressive)
  15. The brain acquires spelling through images (Mental Orthographic image)
  16. Avoid looking at misspellings
  17. Copy spell words at least 10 times
  18. Determine the type of learner you are – kinetic/visual/musical/rhythmic etc. Use to practise
  19. Keep diary/journal/notebook of words you misspell regularly
  20. Personalise your word study
  21. First test, then study
  22. Form relevant associations
  23. “When 2 vowels go walking, the 1st one does the talking’’ e.g. team, coat and wait
  24. This may be the best known spelling rule: ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’, unless it sounds like ‘ay’ as in neighbour or weigh. IE words – believe, field, relief; CE words – ceiling, deceit, receive; EI words – freight, reign, sleigh. Exceptions:either, foreign, height, leisure, protein and weird
  25. Don’t rely on electronic spell checks!

WINNERS of Inaugural FinLit Spelling Bee held at The Big Hole, Kimberley Diamond Mine Museum, Northern Cape Province on 9 March 2015 at the 8thannual national launch of StarSaver™. 6schools competed:

On 19 March 2015, at Hammersdale in KwaZulu-Natal another FinLit Spelling Bee competition was held with the StarSaver™ Aflatoun Club members from 2 schools. Way to go for the winners:

1stNompilo Tshabalala (Grade 8) and 2ndOlwethu Lombo (Grade 8) both of Intakemazolo Combined School, and 3rdAndiswa Ndimande (Grade 10)of Phezulu High School.

KEY ACTIVATIONS of FinLit Spelling Bee

  1. Gauteng – Apartheid Museum on Thursday, 23 July 2015
  2. KwaZulu-Natal – Albini Girls High School on Thursday, 30 April 2015
  3. Mpumalanga – Bongani Mountain Lodge on Wednesday, 17 June 2015

ELIGIBILITY– priorityisgiven to StarSaver™ Aflatoun club members to compete in the FinLit Spelling Bee.

FinLit WORD List Teaser

Account, Allowance, Banking, Blacklist, Consolidate, Debt, Deposit, Entrepreneurship, Financial, Insurance, Interest, Investment, Judgment, Ledger, Mitigate, Obsolete, Ombudsman, Payment, Outstanding, Payment, Stokvel, Repossess, Withdrawal

Volunteer registration and Toolkit

Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals offer 67 minutes of their time to deliver a powerful savings lesson, engaging the learners to participate.


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