1. Events schedule

  • Teacher Development
  • Global Money Week
  • OECD conference
  • Child and Youth Finance International

2. Programme content

The fundamental principle behind the programme is that Financial literacy, the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters is a skill that can be learnt. Professionals in the financial industry volunteer their time to do presentations at schools.  The lesson plan  was developed in conjunction with the Department of Basic Education, and integrated within the Economic Management Science (EMS) subject of the school curriculum.

Lessons are designed to teach learners how to:

  • create and understand budgets;
  • differentiate between needs and wants;
  • track daily expenses;
  • set realistic goals and plan accordingly;
  • learn how to make saving money part of their lives;
  • get tips on safe and secure banking,
  • learn about financial dignity,
  • appreciate Entrepreneurship

While financial literacy is the core platform for financial inclusion, it aims to be holistic by integrating with social inclusion initiatives and other employee volunteerism initiatives.

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