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StarSaver™ Aflatoun Clubs


Be a Star by joining the StarSaver™ Aflatoun clubs, Young StarSavers™ get to - Explore, Think, Investigate and Act, so that they can say:

  Aflatoun Clubs

You will learn through PLAY! How fun is that?

StarSaver™ programme has partnered with The Netherlands based Aflatoun that operates in 109 countries. http://www.aflatoun.org/ So club members become part of the global village.

StarSaver™ clubs provide young people with a platform to enhance their individual development through a holistic and integrated approach to life skills. At the centre of the clubs philosophy is the learner-centred methodology encompassing social and financial education.

The clubs nurture a spirit of belonging, mastery and independence. The six core elements that you learn through the clubs are:


Activity-based club sessions cover aspects of:

  • Personal understanding and exploration
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Confidence building and motivation
  • Financial literacy: “LESSI” – Learn, Earn, Save, Spend, Invest
  • Child social and financial enterprise
  • Leadership, coaching and mentoring

Who can be a club member? Learners on average aged 12 to 15. They are the Aflatoun and Aflateens. Join the club for personal discovery, to be socially and financially conscience, make friends, understand democracy, hone your leadership skills, and be an active, engaged and responsible citizen.

Membership criteria

  • A club member must be on average +/-12 to 15 years in age
  • Members to all have an Aflatoun passport and journal/file
  • Must be in school (get your school to participate if not already enrolled with StarSaver™) – contact us: Click here
  • Participate in club activities and educational tours/summits – be creative, innovative, attend regular club meetings, debates, FinLit Spelling Bee, EduCamp, fundraising and outreach activities.
  • Attend club events/ club “imbizos”/ expos/ graduation and award ceremonies
  • Wear with pride their StarSaver™ Aflatoun badge at all the club events

Welcome on board club member! “

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Lao Tao

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