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1. Parents and Guardians

Dear Parents. We know that you want the best for your child. We want to help you help them on the road to a successful life where financial literacy plays a key part. Our members, the banks and other financial institutions, have taken an important decision to support our Governmental objectives of financial literacy. While financial literacy is the core platform for financial inclusion, it aims for to be holistic by integrating with social inclusion initiatives and other employee volunteerism initiatives.

You can be assured that this programme is aimed at your child’s best interest. Our aim is to provide information, educate and also to assist you and your child when you decide to open a savings account. Our programme is aligned to the school curriculums EMS subject and our lesson plans have been developed in partnership with the Department of Basic Education. We use the following means to communicate with your child:

a)   Schools. This is done on invitation from the school and in cooperation with the school management.

b)   Internet and mobile phone. This is a choice action by the child and they can either choose to communicate with us in this way, or not. As the parent or guardian we acknowledge your right in this choice.

c)   We also realise that you may feel the need to obtain the same financial material and information from us. We are happy to oblige.


Dear Teachers, we Salute and honour the educators of South Africa. This programme is to support your efforts to provide the best education in general and financial literacy in particular. We support the belief that the possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters is a skill that can be learnt. The lesson plan was developed in conjunction with the Department of Basic Education, and integrated within the Economic Management Science (EMS) learning area of the school curriculum.

Lessons are performed by volunteer professionals from the financial services industry and designed to teach children how to:

  • create and understand budgets;
  • differentiate between needs and wants;
  • track daily expenses;
  • set realistic goals and plan accordingly;
  • learn how to make saving money part of their lives;
  • get tips on safe and secure banking,
  • learn about financial dignity,
  • appreciate Entrepreneurship

Since inception in 2008 the programme has reached almost 1 million learners and many more through programme integration in over 3000 schools nationwide. It is all our duty to provide these children with a fighting chance, but as a volunteer, you can turn words into action.

We invite you to engage us on behalf of your school or learners by registering on the REGISTER button at the top of this page.

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