Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals offer 67 minutes of their time to deliver a powerful savings lesson, engaging the learners to participate.  Their main focus is to inspire learners to be lifelong savers. The volunteers use their own work-based knowledge and skills to enhance the delivery of the savings lesson.  As a volunteer or representative from the bank you have the opportunity to shape young minds, to give them an upper hand towards financial responsibility in the future.
Lessons are designed to teach children how to:

  • Create and understand budgets;
  • Differentiate between needs and wants;
  • Track daily expenses;
  • Set realistic goals and plan accordingly;
  • Learn how to make saving money part of their lives;
  • Get tips on safe and secure banking,
  • Learn about financial dignity,
  • Appreciate Entrepreneurship

You will be part of a noble cause and a successful programme. Since inception in 2008  the programme has reached almost 1 million learners and many more through programme integration in over 3000 schools nationwide.  It is all of our duty to provide these children with a fighting chance, but as a volunteer, you can turn words into action. These are the traits of a real hero, we salute you!

1. How the programme works

It couldn’t be easier, there are a lot of young minds out there that are dying for the opportunity to learn about money. We have developed a Lesson Plan that will guide you through the programme. Simply follow the instructions in the lesson plan and have fun! Be prepared, so make sure you go through the material before you swoop into the classroom and use your personal and work-based experience and expertise to inspire learners to be lifelong savers!

2. Tips for Volunteers

VOLUNTEERISM is the backbone of the StarSaver™ programme. We are eternally grateful to our volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals who become “teachers for 67 minutes” in line with Mandela Day as they “Take action, Inspire change”. READ MORE

3. Volunteer registration and Toolkit

This toolkit includes the official programme material that you will need to approach a school principle to get the school’s permission and support for your lesson.

Please register to receive toolkit.  Upon registration, you will receive an auto respond email with a password to download the toolkit. The toolkit consists of letters of introduction to your chosen school and the lesson material.

4. Report back

It is very important for us to keep track of the programme’s success and challenges to improve it and provide volunteers with the best support we can. Please complete and send this form after each lession.

Use this form

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