25 TIPS for Star Spellers

25 TIPS for Star Spellers

  • Think in English
  • Read a lot
  • Practise
  • See it, Hear it, Say it
  • Trace, copy and recall
  • Pronounce the words correctly
  • Visualise the words
  • Write frequently
  • Memorise spelling patterns through exposure to different texts such as newspapers, novels, blogs, billboards, flashcards etc.
  • Familiarise with root words (a root is a word or word part from which words grow). Do not confuse prefixes and suffixes.
  • QU rule – the letter ‘q’ is always followed by a ‘u’
  • Know the spelling rules and the exceptions
  • Highlight the hard parts or say the hard part loudly
  • Reverse chain by syllable or letter – say the word, write it and say each letter (be enthusiastic and expressive)
  • The brain acquires spelling through images (Mental Orthographic image)
  • Avoid looking at misspellings
  • Copy spell words at least 10 times
  • Determine the type of learner you are – kinetic/visual/musical/rhythmic etc. Use to practise
  • Keep diary/journal/notebook of words you misspell regularly
  • Personalise your word study
  • First test, then study
  • Form relevant associations
  • “When 2 vowels go walking, the 1st one does the talking’’ e.g. team, coat and wait
  • This may be the best known spelling rule: ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’, unless it sounds like ‘ay’ as in neighbour or weigh. IE words – believe, field, relief; CE words – ceiling, deceit, receive; EI words – freight, reign, sleigh. Exceptions:either, foreign, height, leisure, protein and weird
  • Don’t rely on electronic spell checks!


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Financial Literacy (FinLit) Spelling Bee

StarSaver™ introduced the 1st ever FinLit Spelling Bee in March 2015. FinLit Spelling Bee is an accessory project of the StarSaver™ programme of The Banking Association South Africa. This is a spelling competition that focuses on financial literacy terms and concepts, drawn mainly from the Economic Management Science (EMS) subject area of the school curriculum for Grade 7 to 9 learners. The FinLit Spelling Bee augments the Department of Basic Education’s Spelling Bee for grades 4 to 6 introduced in 2014.

Why Spelling Bee?

FinLit Spelling Bee is another vehicle to foster learners’ interest in financial literacy while supporting the Department of Basic Education’s priorities for language development.Spelling forms the basis for language development and is a gateway to reading and writing.

The Department of Basic Education’s Integrated National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy:a Whole School approach was implemented in 2012 to build the foundation for improved learner performance. The strategy is underpinned by the Action Plan 2014:Towardsthe Realisation of Schooling 2025 and gives impetus to the sectoral Basic Education Delivery Agreement for Outcome 1:Improved quality of basic education. The strategy is viewed as a strategic driver to improve the quality of education while simultaneously improving the emerging skills and knowledge base of the country.The diagnosis of the 2013 Annual National Assessments (ANA) results indicate that learners are still not doing well in literacy and numeracy thus DoBE 2014 Spelling Bee introduction.

It is hoped,therefore that the DoBE Spelling Bee South Africa and the FinLit Spelling Bee will not only improve literacy levels in schools,but rekindle the culture of reading and long life reading broadly.

The FinLit Spelling Bee rules and procedures are accessible from www.starsaver.co.za



StarSaver™ Aflatoun Clubs in South Africa

Be a Star by joining the StarSaver™ Aflatoun clubs. Young StarSavers™ get to Explore, Think, Investigate and Act, so that they can say:

I am socially empowered
I am economically empowered

Learning through PLAY!!

StarSaver™ programme has partnered with The Netherlands based Aflatoun that operates in 109 countries. http://www.aflatoun.org/ so club members become part of the global village within their local context. Aflatoun is a child social and financial education organisation that focuses on establishing a solid foundation for the holistic development of children through PLAY from early childhood to adulthood.Aflatoun seeks to harness the early period in a child’s life and give them an educational experience that leaves them with positive associations with money and social change to influence overall development of a child.

StarSaver™Aflatoun clubs provide young people with a platform to enhance their individual development through a holistic and integrated approach to life skills. At the centre of the clubs philosophy is the learnercentred methodology encompassing social and financial education.

The club concept recognises that developing children’s financial capability is important but it must be done within the context of their overall development which is crucial in building a better future and ultimately moulding better citizens in the local context.

Clubs provide the youth with the opportunity not only to learn but to put into practice all the elements they will be learning and in tandem exposing them to global expertise, insights and networks.

The clubs nurture a spirit of belonging, mastery and independence. The six core elements that you learn through the clubs are:

Activity-based club sessions cover aspects of:
⦁ Personal understanding and exploration
⦁ Rights and responsibilities
⦁ Confidence building and motivation
⦁ Financial literacy: “LESSI” – Learn, Earn, Save, Spend, Invest
⦁ Child social and financial enterprise
⦁ Leadership, coaching and mentoring

Learners-Aflatouns and Aflateens join the clubs for personal discovery, to be socially and financially conscientized, make friends, understand democracy and hone their leadership skills.

Aflatot 0 - 5; Aflatoun 6 - 14 and Aflateen 15 – 18

Visit: www.starsaver.co.za


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