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Volunteer bankers and financial sector professionals offer one hour of their time to deliver a powerful savings lesson, engaging the learners to participate.

The essence of the savings lesson is to have an interactive, educational and inspiring session that will leave behind a long lasting impression on the learner.

The overall aim is to kick-start the savings habit and to inspire learners to be lifelong savers.

The volunteers use their own work-based knowledge and skills to enhance the delivery of the savings lesson.

The earlier children learn about money, savings and investment, the better they fare with their personal finances during the course of their lives.

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These abilities help children and youth to comprehend the difference between earning, saving and spending, making them improved money managers, who are capable to budget and have improved money habits. They are encouraged to:

  • focus on the education of the learners and refrain from marketing
  • they are encouraged to advise learners to start saving by opening a savings account at a bank or other financial institution
  • the essence of the day is to have the volunteer banker/financial sector professional deliver a generic savings lesson/financial literacy.
  • understanding the difference between needs and wants and where to save
  • create awareness about the value of money and the importance of savings
  • promote financial literacy and assist learners to appreciate the power of choice

Banking Association

South Africa

The Banking Association South Africa is a non-profit industry body representing both local and foreign banks registered and operating in South Africa. The current membership of the Association stands at 43 member banks.


Launched in 2008, StarSaver™, previously known as Teach Children To Save South Africa™ was established as an answer to the call by National Treasury to advance financial wellness and capability of different parts of the people.

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