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Welcome To StarSaver™

We are proud to launch the Leapman & Budget Girl Series, which takes a look at different financial literacy related topics such as how to learn about money, earn money, invest, as well as how to save and be financially savvy.

It also covers topics within the Department of Basic Education’s curriculum in the subjects of Economics and Management Sciences in an engaging way. Learners are encouraged to engage with us as we embark on this extraordinary journey of digital learning

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Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl: Episode 1​

Find out what these two get up to on the premier episode of Leapman & Budget Girl.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 2

Leapman & Budget Girl explore more about Banking, bank products and the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 3

Budget Girl schools Leapman on how to use an ATM safely and how to start a business. Stay tuned for the last episode of this season.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 4 (Shares and entrepreneurship)​

Find out in this episode if Dr. Sinister defeats Leapman & Budget Girl.

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Leapman and Budget Girl are just a couple of regular SUPERHEROES! Defeating villains through their quick thinking and savvy financial practices. Follow their stories on our social media channels as the take on the bad guys!