StarSaver™ is a school-based programme allowing volunteers from partaking banks and financial institutions to provide hour-long lessons on savings to learners up to grade seven.

The programme is also delivered digitally via StarSaver™ social media platforms.

It is ‘Proudly South African’ accredited and aligned to the ethos: ‘Make Everyday a Mandela Day’. The programme endeavours to employ different ways of improving the preservation of the savings message.

The StarSaver™ programme offers an impeccable chance for financial institutions to join forces with others beside the financial sector to highlight financial matters not only for young individuals but as well as for grown-ups, because Money Matters are important to everyone.

The two main objectives of the Starsaver™ programme are to nurture an ethos of saving amid pupils and encourage volunteerism of bankers and financial sector professionals.

Starsaver™ has confidence in children and young people to turn into empowered economic residents, adept of understanding the significance of saving, and equipped with the abilities to be hired and generate their own means of support.

The programme wants young people to learn to manage their money sensibly.

By permitting children and youth, we can aid them to create a confident trend that will grow from themselves, to their families and to whole societies.

The central belief behind the programme is that financial literacy, the ownership of knowledge and understanding of financial matters is a talent that can be learnt.

Experts in the financial industry volunteer their time to do demonstrations at schools.

The lesson plan was established in conjunction with the Department of Basic Education, and incorporated within the Economic Management Science (EMS) subject of the school curriculum.


Lessons are designed to teach learners how to:

  • Create and understand budgets
  • Differentiate between needs and wants
  • Track daily expenses
  • Set realistic goals and plan accordingly
  • Learn how to make saving money part of their lives
  • Get tips on safe and secure banking
  • Learn about financial dignity
  • Appreciate Entrepreneurship



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