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Leapman – Introduction

Leapman is the leading character in this animation series teaching children in South Africa to save.

Budget Girl – Introduction

Budget Girl is Leapman’s friend and sidekick, she helps him outsmart the bad guys with her smart saving skills.

Dr Sinister – Introduction

Dr Sinister is the bad-guy who is always up to no good. Stay tuned to find out what he gets up too.

Matt the Australian

Meet Matt the Australian. He may know Leapman’s weakness, but will he destroy and defeat him? Stay tuned to our pages to find out what transpires over the coming weeks.

Did you know?

Here are a few more interesting resources to help you along your journey to becoming financially savvy.

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Leapman and Budget Girl are just a couple of regular SUPERHEROES! Defeating villains through their quick thinking and savvy financial practices. Follow their stories on our social media channels as they take on the bad guys!