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We are proud to launch the Leapman & Budget Girl Series, which takes a look at different financial literacy related topics such as how to learn about money, earn money, invest, as well as how to save and be financially savvy.

It also covers topics within the Department of Basic Education’s curriculum in the subjects of Economics and Management Sciences in an engaging way. Learners are encouraged to engage with us as we embark on this extraordinary journey of digital learning.

Leapman – Introduction

Leapman is the leading character in this animation series teaching children in South Africa to save. 

Budget Girl – Introduction

Budget Girl is Leapman’s friend and sidekick, she helps him outsmart the bad guys with her smart saving skills.

Dr Sinister – Introduction

Dr Sinister is the bad-guy who is always up to no good. Stay tuned to find out what he gets up too.

Matt the Australian

Meet Matt the Australian. He may know Leapman’s weakness, but will he destroy and defeat him? Stay tuned to our pages to find out what transpires over the coming weeks.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl: Episode 1​

Find out what these two get up to on the premier episode of Leapman & Budget Girl.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 2

Leapman & Budget Girl explore more about Banking, bank products and the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

Kids and Children Finance Education​

Budget Girl is Leapman’s sidekick & friend. She knows lots about how to be smart with money and is here to help children learn more about different topics in the subject of Economic Management Science (EMS).

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 3

Budget Girl schools Leapman on how to use an ATM safely and how to start a business. Stay tuned for the last episode of this season.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Episode 4 (Shares and entrepreneurship)​

Find out in this episode if Dr. Sinister defeats Leapman & Budget Girl.

Part 1: Leapman & Budget Girl Full Video

This episode looks at the following: The SARB and their role Needs vs. wants Savings and interest Shares Entrepreneurship in order to equip primary and secondary school learners with the necessary knowledge to navigate through their Economics and Management Sciences subjects and also through the different life stages.

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