Welcome to your GMW 2023 QUIZ

As a young person, I should start making sure that I use less physical money and use digital payments to help save our environment.

My best friend has new necklace and I want to buy the same one. I have some savings left from the birthday money I received. Is the necklace a need or a want?

You would like to make more money for the December holidays. What should you do?

The sooner you start saving, the better.

How much of your income/pocket money should go towards your savings?

You get R200 from your parents for extra chores. What is the best thing to do?

We should never talk about money with our friends and family because it is a private matter.

You have a financial goal and don't know how to reach it. What is your best option?

Asking my mom to buy me a TV on credit is an example of good debt. True or false?

How can you be smarter about money?

According to episode 1* of Leapman & Budget girl, you can get money to start a business using which steps?

Leapman spends lots of money on gadgets that he likes, and ends up getting scammed by Matt the Australian. True or false, spending all your money on things you want is a good thing to do?