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1. True or false? It is ethical to take your customers money without a transaction of goods and services.

2. Where can an entrepreneur get the money to start a business? Choose the incorrect answer.

3. How do you determine if your business will make a profit or not? Choose the correct answer.

4. True or false? it is Important for a business to pay taxes.

5. Matt the Australian did a quick SWOT analysis for his gadget business, what does the term SWOT analysis mean? Choose the correct answer.

6. What was Budget girls’ advice to Leapman when it comes to unsafe internet pop up banners?

7. True or false? You must always keep your receipts of any purchase made as proof of payment whether you’re a business owner or customer, it helps with keeping track of financial transactions.

8. What is the purpose of a business plan?

9. True or false? A business plan template is available on the StarSaver website